Hide IP Platinum

Hide IP Platinum

Hide IP Platinum is a software designed to hide your computer's IP address
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If you are tired of getting rejected for access to blogs and sites, here is a solution for you. Hide IP Platinum is a software designed to hide your IP address to give you complete privacy.
Every computer or connection has an IP address that defines a unique computer in the web world. Some sites can often block your access by blocking that unique IP that belongs to your computer. When you are running a computer with hidden or changed IP, you are like invisible. You can use Hide IP Platinum to get invisible while surfing.


Hide IP Platinum saves your IP from other sites that can keep record of your interests or what you really look for on the net.
Hide IP Platinum also saves your mail box from Spam,because if other sites know your interest,you can receive related mails along with viruses attached to them.
Hide IP Platinum keeps your computer away from hackers by hiding or changing your IP.
You are given more privacy as you can keep changing your IP.
You can post on blogs without being seen.
You can send anonymous email without being caught.
It is free to try and get full time access after purchasing the software.

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